New Cook??  
Here are some supplies that you can bring with you to make your day go a whole lot smoother.

If you are an experienced Chili Cook, you already know what is needed for competition.   If you are new, here is a little help from us on what you may need throughout the day.  We provide the asphalt and a roll of paper towels and you  provide as much or as little of the following according to your needs.  This list is just an idea of what you may want to bring along for your first competition.  It is in no way a requirement.

Basic Supplies:
Pop Up 10 x 10 Tent
Any Decorations to liven up your tent
Team Banner
6-8 ft Folding Table for prep and cooking
1-2 Cooking stoves (one burner for each pot of chili you are making)
3 Water pans for washing in a 3 bay wash station
Dish Soap
Cutting Boards
Manual Food Chopper
Rubber Gloves
Sharp knives 
Bottled Water for drinking and washing your meat
Bungee Straps, just in case
Lysol wipes
Mixing Bowls
Paper Towels
Colander (for rinsing meat/vegetables etc)
Stove Fuel
Trash Bags
Water jug
3 Water pans for washing in a 3 bay wash station
Zip ties
Measuring Spoons
Extra Spices

If you are doing Chili Verde:
Verde Ingredients
Verde Meat
Verde Chili Pot
Spoon for Stirring Verde

If you are doing Red Chili:
Red Ingredients
Red Meat
Red Pot
Spoon for stirring Red

For People's Choice: (everyone does Peoples choice)
PC Chili (premade or made on site)
PC Pot
Spoon for stirring PC Chili
Small Ladle for  serving 2 oz cups to the public


Distances listed from Host Hotel (Holiday Inn- Clemson Blvd.)

Publix Super Market at Boulevard Market Fair - ½ 1/2 mile 
3801 Clemson Blvd
Anderson, SC 29621

Wal-Mart Supercenter and Sams Club - ½ 1/2 mile
3812 Liberty Hwy #6
Anderson, SC 29621

Ingles Market - 2.3 miles
1900 N Main St
Anderson, SC 29621

Publix Super Market at Anderson Pavilion Shopping Center - 3.6 Miles
1611 E Greenville St
Anderson, SC 29621

Ingles Market - 3.9 miles
2404 S Carolina 81
Anderson, SC 29621

Whole Foods Market - 32 miles
1140 Woodruff Rd
Greenville, SC 29607

1/2 mile from Cook-Off Site – Belton, SC
Helpful for the day of the event when you forgot something , 
Do not expect specialty items at this particular store.
Ingles Market
414 S Main St
Belton, SC 29627