Get ready to have your taste buds tempted as you make your way to the Belton, SC city square.  Your nose will detect the savory aroma of chili and salsa as cooks from all over the US light their fires to compete for a slot at the World Championships.  The hickory smoke from BBQ pits, the scent of vanilla batter from funnel cakes hitting the hot oil and the delicious smell of sweetness from cotton candy and candied apples are just too tempting to pass us.  


For a minimal fee of $5 for 5 tickets or $15 for an unlimited wristband, you get a chance to sample chili from some of the best chili cooks in the world.  If you have enough chili or your tongue is too wimpy, we still have plenty of food and snacks for you to try.  

We also have a variety of contest from year to year.  The last few years, the "Hot Bowl of Chili Eating Contest has been a hit".  Maybe if you are brave enough, you can enter.


Saturday - $5 - 5 Tasting Tickets

$15 - Unlimited Tasting Wristband